OTA, a three-state design conference, came to us to make a way for conference attendees and speakers to be more engaged and to spark communication. We created a series of activities that engaged through four main sections:

1. An interactive panel that visualize the way designers had been empowered by their communities by threading yarn through different sections.
2. An interactive Music Playdoh drumset that allowed teams of two or more to create music while projecting images in bright colors in a 3D projected environment.
3. A conversation and communication area for people to share ideas with each other.
4. An interactive social media #Twitter wall which was projected on a 4 Large monitor video wall.
The main interactive installation was produced by recycling wood pallets and making connections between regions, gender, age and the different careers and dreams people had in becoming, and connecting them through yarn. this way the visualization was handled by the colors of the yarn. We created sketches and then a small model, to then make a wood connected or hinge and cut it using a laser cutter. 
The entertaining Music Station was a simple five note music system that allowed people to create melodies. The engagement was that two or more people were necessary to make this happen, we added a visual component through a web mini-app interface that allowed each Playdoh! button to be pressed as hard or soft as desired, and to project colors on a series of five panels.
The social media interaction was pushed through a Twitter Wall that was collecting different tweets through out the day and selecting users and messages based on specific topics.

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