Giving Hearts Day, one of the region’s largest fundraising events has existed as a program of Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) since 2008. Until its 11th year, however, all online information regarding the event was housed in multiple locations spanning both DMF’s and it’s initiative, Impact Institute’s, websites. We were tasked with bringing all Giving Hearts Day content to one place in a simple and engaging one-page site.

The site’s use of happy and vibrant illustrations and colors was designed to get all who visited the site excited to participate and give back to the community. Based on the organization’s ethos and the project’s objectives, this solution was designed to be:
+ Fun
+ Modern
+ Big
+ Loud
+ Established
+ Structured
+ Vibrant
+ Welcoming

And NOT:
+ Static
+ Calm
+ Formal
+ Small
+ Quiet
+ Conservative
+ Exclusive
+ Serious
+ Cautious
The site had the goal of informing three target audiences of how they could participate in Giving Hearts Day. These audiences were:
1. Individuals looking to give to their favorite charities,
2. Nonprofit organizations looking to set up a donation page and share their message        with the hope of receiving donations, and
3. Businesses involved with a matching program allowing them to match donations made by their employees.

The site also featured a promotional video shot by a third party, a list of previous year participant charities, and prompts for users to promote Giving Hearts Day in the months leading up to the event. The upward trend of giving over the course of the event’s existence was highlighted with the use of a colorful chart previously created by Nüpolitan and used in other Giving Hearts Day materials.
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