In June of 2018, we collaborated with our studio neighbors to design new environmental signage for the former Dakota Business College. After a few days of playful creativity, we collected the necessary materials and Upper Hand Signs offered their space and hands to help with the mounting. Installation was done in partnership with Upper Hand Signsand Contour Design Studio.
The signs were constructed from white vinyl mounted on clear acrylic to be visible from the street without blocking light and sight-lines into the first-floor art gallery.
Each sign is designed using a grid system featuring a single-color version of the business’s logo as well as contact information laid out in Neue Haas Grotesk. The ability to remove and rearrange the signs allows for this cohesive system to be flexible as tenants may change over time.
Pictured from left: Cory & Jared from Upper Hand Signs, Allison & Ludvik from Nüpolitan, Brian from Contour Design Studio, and Craig from Craig Anderson Landscape Architects
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