The Go Big Booklet was created as an integration of previously designed articles and materials (done by Nüpolitan at an earlier date for Impact Institute, an initiative of Dakota Medical Foundation) into new, event-specific material for a large fundraising event called Giving Hearts Day, hosted by Dakota Medical Foundation, its Impact Institute initiative, and the Alex Stern Family Foundation.

We merged a friendly illustration style created to highlight the event with the more structured style of the previously designed articles for a document that is both energetic and functional. A dot grid and yellow highlighting carried over from the articles are integrated to tie this new packet to existing materials and add a sense of cohesion throughout.
Based on the organization’s ethos and the project’s objectives, this solution was designed to be:

+ Fun
+ Modern
+ Big
+ Loud
+ Established
+ Structured
+ Vibrant
+ Welcoming

And NOT:

- Static
- Calm
- Formal
- Small
- Quiet
- Conservative
- Exclusive
- Serious
- Cautious
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