A local baker had an idea of starting a small bagel shop in the heart of the Upper Midwest and wanted an authentic place that connected her Jewish ancestors and roots with the feel of an NYC bagel shop. To capture this look, feel, and meaning, we investigated the history of Jewish traditions and historic bagel shops in New York City.

The colors, letter forms, and illustrations created were done by hand and carefully traced to reflect the style of the 1940's and 1950's. The letter ‘B’ stands for the word bagel, but furthermore, the letterform has a double-layered B as it’s also the owner’s joined family name, BernBaum, stemming from Bernath and Baumgardner.

The circle surrounding the letter type represents both the incredibly strong bonds found in many Jewish families as well as the more obvious reference: the shape of a bagel. The result: A minimal brand mark that will trigger delicious memories of tradition, family, and scrumptious baked goods.
Hand drawing the signs adds a homemade feel to the design
Conceptual window signage on the Bernbaum's storefront.
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